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What is Your Hardest Problem?

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5 / 5

Ray could be an actual genius. Amazing at working through things on the fly and explaining how they work and suggesting improvements. Thank you for all your help!

Roc Stevenson
5 / 5

Ray not only helps me find solutions, but instead of racing to the answer (and don't worry he is a quick problem solver), he demonstrates why things work and what variables hold what. His explanations mean I am also growing as a developer. Highly recommended!

Jordan Belafonte
5 / 5

Ray was great, helping me to understand database relationships while I grapple with the complexity of getting my Figma and Bravo design to talk to Xano. Highly recommended.

Paul Gill
5 / 5

I cannot recommend Ray enough. He is more expensive than some of the other mentors I have worked with, but I think he winds up being a lot cheaper. He grasps what I am trying to do very quickly. He is able to understand my spaghetti code quickly (I am a new programmer). And he provides multiple suggestions with pros and cons, along with fantastic explanations.

Gregg Squire
5 / 5

Great job again. Got it done. I like the way you are eager to not just fix the immediate bug, but see how this can generate something useful. Little things like formatting the csv file and removing DOS spacers are helpful and would be difficult for me to figure out.

E. Falkenstein
5 / 5

High level teacher. Ray gave me an overview of the way I was approaching my project and kept me from reinventing the wheel. So much better than someone just doing what I said and wasting my time and money. Ray knows shortcuts, pay attention.

Bernard L. Richter
5 / 5

I wasted hours (30'ish), trying to solve an image upload challenge. Ray not only new what to look for, what to ask, but also did some scouting on the SaaS provider I was connecting to Xano. He knew what to do, how to do it, and answered all, ALL, my questions.

Eddy M.

How I work

On-Demand Hours

Schedule time to crack your tough problems when you have them via a self-scheduling link. Affordable packages for as few as 10 hours available.

Weekly Reviews

Set up weekly "office-hour" style sessions where we work through the hardest problems that came up and maximize momentum. Leave with knowledge, answers - and progress!

Accelerator Program

Working on one particular project? Set up more frequent sessions for a limited period of time to get help so that you keep your pace.