What I've Been Reading

Keeping Up a Diet of Ideas

Late in 2020 I started a reading habit when I realized I could listen to audiobooks and absorb their information more rapidly. Since then I've made daily consumption of consuming long-form content - books, lecture series and college courses - core to my information diet.

In the summer, I can read an hour or so per day at the gym, while that doubles or triples each day in the winter when I snowboard. Something about the relaxed mental state makes ingesting this wisdom easier.

Not all the books are of equal value, and I read plenty where I disagree with the author. I often know going in that I will dislike the author, but understanding their point of view is important to expanding my intellectual horizons. Everything adds perspective, and I rarely regret investing in a book.

And the value builds over time.

As of this writing, the below database is over 250 books, audio programs and college courses. I hope this list might give you ideas to start or continue your own reading habit. If you find something helpful -or better yet, have a recommendation! - please let me know. I'm always up for hearing from another bookworm.