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I've built software companies worth millions and helped thousands of builders ship their products as a no-code coach, mentor, leader, and angel investor.

Let's work on the difficult parts.

Free Resource: State Change Youtube

Regular videos tackling how to do hard things while playing on easy with no-code and low-code tools

Mental Model Series - Click To Watch

Introductions to thought patterns used for building successful products and automations.

AI On Easy - Advanced Machine Learning with Low-Code - Click to Watch

Ray's talks and videos on getting real automation value from large language models and other AI tech with "just enough code"

Everything No-Code - Click To Watch

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The Membership: State Change

"The Best First Investment in No-Code"
State Change is a membership program tackling the hardest 5% of problems blocking No-Code/Low-Code projects.

Archived, Transcribed Videos

Over 1,800 videos from our office hours focusing on solving hard problems in no-code. Covering Xano, Weweb, Wized, Webflow, Bubble - the list goes on. Find what you are looking for.

Hard Questions

Get answers to your biggest challenges using recorded screencasts and forum-based disscussion.

ScriptTag and The Tools

Members get access to the StateChange toolset like ScriptTag that decrease the cost of integrating "just enough code" into their projects. Bring on in that ChatGPT answer with confidence!

Daily Office Hours

Elite members get access to the daily office hours to ask novel questions that aren't covered by the content so far. All office hours are recorded and cut into videos so more of us make progress faster!

Affordable, group-based mentoring help
No Commitment - use what you need
Money-Back Guarantee
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1-1 and Team Coaching

The Best Resource in Low-Code/No-Code.
Helping Serious Builders Ship Technology Products,
Meaningful Automations, and Life-Changing Businesses
Faster Than They Ever Thought Possible.